Andrew Såulf

Dolby Vision certified Colorist and Finishing Artist based in the LA Arts District

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Andrew Såulf

Andrew has been in the film and TV industry for over 20 years and began as a camera operator for broadcast television at the age of 16 and then graduated from film school in New York before moving into post production in Los Angeles. Andrew's passion is color and finishing for TV, commercial, film and streaming content. His focus is utilizing a crescive hoard of technical knowledge to finish and deliver motion art while offering an environment that is relaxed, collaborative and enjoyable.

Andrew loves working in a large variety of genres and project types which enables him to bring unique skills and tools to each piece he works on. When Andrew isn't talking about how much he loves the ACES color pipeline you can find him spending time with his wife at Disneyland, playing with their corgi Waffle, hanging out in Oslo, Norway with friends or hosting Dungeons and Dragons nights with neighbors.

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My Facility

Andrew crafted Seawolf Post in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles with a mission to combine a cosseting finishing service with technology that is bleeding edge. Seawolf Post specializes in Resolve, Lustre, Flame, Fusion, Blender, Cinema4D and the Adobe Creative Suite along with DCP creation and delivery.

His TPN+ certified, 6-seat Dolby Vision screening room is in the final stages of construction and utilizes a 10gig fiber network to offer color accurate, encrypted remote grading sessions up to 4:4:4 12-bit HDR. He has both onsite and cloud Flame rigs with blazing fast render speeds and has extensive experience working with ACES color pipeline and streaming deliveries. All of this to say, "Yeah, let me take care of that for you."

  • Arts District Facility

    6-seat Dolby Vision screening room
    Technicolor certified monitoring
    THX sound system
    Davinci Resolve Panel
    Lustre Panel

  • Secure Remote Grading

    Streambox Spectra or Louper
    4k 4:4:4 12-bit stream
    encrypted and color accurate
    70ms stream latency
    Trusted Partner Network Member

  • Bleeding Edge Speeds

    9-bay 100TB QNAP NAS
    smart SSD caching
    10gig internal network
    2gigabit fiber internet

  • Stunning Visual Effects

    NVIDIA RTX A5000 flame rig
    Fusion Studio
    Octane Rendering

Contact Me

  • Feel free to give me a shout about any of your post-production finishing needs.

  • Office

    830 Traction Avenue
    Studio 2D, Los Angeles, California 90013

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